1. Socialising with your friends & family

Some of the best ways to socialise with friends and family are through events or activities.  Large number of visitors are expected to join the fun this year.  There should always be time for a break where you don’t talk about work, where you can laugh and relax.  Be at Diwali Mela 2018!

2. Continuous Entertainment

Captivating stage performances through out the day. The entertainment includes musical bands, classic, folk and Bollywood dances. Talented singers from around Perth will showcase their talent.  After Fireworks have a blast with live DJ.

4. Art Exhibition & Rangoli Competition

Rangoli, Paintings and Art exhibitions. If you are a painter, please bring your work and display to the wider community. You never know who might end up liking the next Picasso! Register now, a number of Prizes to win.

4. Safety and Security

Spectator safety management and overall health and safety is important. The safety and security of attendees is our priority. We have worked closely with the venue and local and national authorities to identify and assess risks and developed event security plan.  Uniformed and covert Security Guards will in attendance.

St John ambulance will be parked in the venue throughout the event for emergency purposes with paramedics on the spot.

5. Seating Arrangement

Look forward to having more chairs this year, thousands of chairs to make sure you and your family enjoy the enthralling entertainment comfortably enjoying the yummy food.

6. Authentic Indian and other Food

Perth’s renowned restaurants and caterers will woo you with their mouth watering delicacies at the venue. Surround yourselves with the colours, flavours, culture of India through delicious food, traditional music, crafts and cultural displays. Warm up with a hot cup of chai, rich curry, warm breads and sweet treats.

7. Spectacular Fireworks on both days

On both the nights, fireworks and festive lights will brighten the moonless night.  Be ready at 8:30pm to be mesmerised by the multicoloured and impressive fireworks, sprinkling various sorts of bright colored lights in the night sky which promise to be bigger and better this year. Enjoy different cultural songs while watching the wonderful view.

8. Stage, Lighting and Sound System

Witness all the visually striking performances on a large stage with outstanding professional audio and lighting facilities.

9. Transport friendly

Don’t wish to drive? That is fine! Avoid traffic and parking hassles by taking public transport to the Claremont Showground.  Train services on the Fremantle Line stop at the Showground Station for Diwali Mela 2018.

If you are driving, Claremont Showground is lucky to offer on ground parking at reasonable cost of $5 for the full day.

10. Business booths

Want to get advise about your loan queries, taxation or buying a house?

Why not enjoy the market stalls and non-food stalls present at the venue to get your questions answered.

11. Smoke and Alcohol-free Family Event

This event is designated smoke and alcohol FREE. As a family event, our first priority is safeguarding the children and families that attend the event.

Smoke and alcohol Free Policy is to provide all visitors with a safe, healthy and challenging environment.

13. Kids Entertainment

There will be a huge range of Rides and Attractions at Diwali Mela 2018 for kids & adults, including Camel ride, Variety of Bouncy castles, laughing clowns, cup & saucers, Mixed Toy Ride, mechanical ride around toys, etc.. Yes, your children will be well entertained and amused throughout the day when entertainment on stage will keep you on your feet.

Diwali Mela 2018 is the ultimate destination providing a variety of rides & attractions designed for all ages.

13. Multicultural Unity

English, Hindi? Gujarati? Punjabi? Tamil? Kannada? Telugu? Malayalam? Bengali? Odiya? Bhojpuri? French? Spanish? Italian? Greek? Mandarin? Diwali is a national holiday in India, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Guyana, Surinam, Singapore, Malaysia and Fiji.

No matter, where you are from, every Indian and Non-Indian language speakers unite under one platform to celebrate the festival which symbolises the triumphof good over evil

14. Because it’s Diwali! The Festival of Lights

A Festival of Lights where you spend time with family, friends, food, diyas and fireworks.  Everyone looks forward to Diwali every year as a time when family comes together to get dressed in new clothes, partake in delicious meals, and give thanks for each other’s company.

15. Traditional Indian Garments

India is known for its diversity the all over the globe. Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish one part of India from the other.

Wide range of stalls selling Sarees, Salwaar Kameej and other traditional Indian dresses will keep you on your foot.  The UNESCO praises Saree as “valuable Indian contribution to the world’s cultural heritage and diversity”.

16. Henna tattoo

Experienced henna artists can apply temporary, natural henna tattoos to your hands, fingers, fingernails and practically any area of your body in minimal time and effort.

Henna artists will be offering their service at Diwali Mela 2018.