We are recruiting Paid Staff – anyone is welcome

Indian Society of WA (ISWA), a not for profit organisation, is having it’s biggest event of the year on 7th and 8th November 2020. The timing for this at Claremont Showgrounds would be from 3pm till 9.30pm on both the days. The Premier is attending the event.

However, to make it safe in the currently applicable Phase 4 Easing restrictions, we need Covid Safety Marshalls to be managing the patrons and advising them the need for social distancing/ following other protocols. We are looking forward to train some 50 people and get the approvals. ISWA will cover the related expenses and may be good for you to find additional employment in the future. This would be a paid job apart from the training, if you can commit for the two days. Preference would be given to students who have registered with ISWA and already have NPC. For those interested some additional information is provided below:

In summary COVID Safety Marshals must:

• be over 18 years of age;
• have completed the online training course “COVID-19 Infection Control Training” provided by Aspen Medical and found at https://www.health.gov.au/resources/appsand-tools/covid-19-infection-control-training#registration;
• have a National Police Clearance (NPC) that is less than 12 months old;
• wear distinctive clothing which easily identifies them as a COVID Safety Marshal (e.g. a safety (Hi-Vis) vest or uniform) to the public and any authorized officer;
• not be simultaneously performing another role at the event; and
• be responsible for monitoring that public health measures approved in the COVID Event Plan are implemented and complied with.

Duties of COVID Safety Marshals. A training program would be conducted for this:

• Promote, and encourage (as necessary) appropriate infection control practices. This could include monitoring the cleaning log and ensuring personal hygiene measures are maintained (e.g. provision of hand sanitizer at high touch points) by persons at the event (whether as patrons, employees or contractors);
• Promote, and encourage (as necessary) patrons to comply with the physical distancing principles (i.e. maintaining 1.5 m between individuals/groups who do not know each other).
• Ensure the COVID Event Plan requirements are effectively being implemented. Alert management of any issues that cannot be resolved. Please advise if you can help us get about 60 people to do this job?
• To be present on the ground and do the duty from 3pm till 10pm on 7th and 8th November.

If you’re a student, you will need ISWA Student ID/Number to express your interest for these roles. If you are not yet a ISWA Student Wing member, register now using this link.

Registration for Covid Marshal role is now closed.